Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver and Surrey

April 20, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Professional carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaners are not just to maintain cleanliness, they also help obtain family well-being.  Pacific Mist cleans out allergens, dirt, stains, and germs with their carpet cleaning Vancouver service.

If you have your carpet cleaned, you lose nothing except spots, stains, ground dirt, and grime.  Having a clean environment improves indoor air quality while ensuring the longer life span of your carpet.

Services with deep cleaning are rendered by trusted and experienced cleaners.  Mist Pacific carpet cleaning makes you see and feel the restoration of your carpet.  Any solution residues left by previous cleaners or DIY cleaning will serve as dirt magnets and experienced cleaners know exactly how to remove those residues.  They use modern cleaning methods in treating the deeply-seated dirt and stains.  After that, the carpet is left under fresher, cleaner and more hygienic condition.

How Carpet Services Work?

When Pacific Mist reach your home, they listen to the customer to understand where the problem areas in your home.  Upon recognizing the problem, they give treatment advice to the customer. Generally, they use heated special carpet solution to be sprayed into the carpet fibres.  It effectively loosens the inserted stubborn dirt and stains.  Extraction and rinse balancing comes next leaving the carpet spotless as expected.

What follows then is the application of deodorizer and the carpet and upholstery protector.  Reapplication of carpet protector helps regain protective carpet properties for easy care.  After completing the task, the entire job is inspected to assure all things are done with great satisfaction.  Pacific Mist ensure thorough satisfaction is obtained before going out of the service.

Carpet Cleaning

Grit, hair, silt, dust mites, allergens, dead skin cells, etc—if you have not yet hired the services of a carpet cleaning Surrey professional, all these things are buried deep in your carpet. Ignoring the help of a professional carpet clean will reduce the lie of your carpet.

Often, people tend to wait until they see their carpets completely dirty before doing something.  But by the moment carpet has become dirty it is already dirt-filled down into the fibers of the carpet. Carpets are likened into filters, catching all the dirt and contaminants on the floor and air.  Normal vacuuming helps but not to the extent of what professionals can do.

First, professional cleaners will visit the client’s place for a survey.  Price quotation is given without hidden fees. Only experts are knowledgeable to recognize the kind of problem and they provide right solutions for all types of stains and spots.

In Surrey there are company cleaners that actively support the eco-friendly use of cleaning solutions.  These are non-soapy and detergent-free solutions, leaving no residues on the carpet.  As a result, rapid re-soiling is prevented from happening.  Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are not only excellent for carpets but also kind to pets, environment, and humans.

Since lots of carpet cleaning services are found in Vancouver and Surrey, take a look at one that professionally gives great results – Pacific Mist.  Look for a company which offers:

  • fully-trained and certified cleaners
  • appropriate carpet treatment
  • modern equipment that removes all kinds of dirt and stains
  • eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, and non-toxic cleaning products
  • satisfying, long-term, well-cleaned carpets

This time could be the right moment for discovering these things.  As homeowners, it’s always good to understand each detail related to family welfare.  It’s good to know there are cleaning services in Vancouver and Surrey to make chores a lot easier.