Carpet Cleaning: How to Get Rid of Red Wine Stain?

January 4, 2013 at 6:20 pm

stains wineStains destroy fabric especially if they are not directly removed.  Deep-seated stains make it even harder to remove.  In the case of carpets, the problem can become permanent marks if they are ignored.  It is believed that several red wine drops can potentially destroy your carpet, but it is also time to alter such belief.  There are a number of helpful tips to blot the red wine stains from your expensive floor covering.  Learn how to do it significantly so you can save your carpet.

Initial Treatment – Easy Technique of Carpet Cleaning

The occurrence of accident is unexpected, but if you do something immediately, you can minimize the effect.  When stains have stayed long on carpets, the more difficult it is for treatment.  This is the purpose why stain removal is required as early as possible.  From little drops of red wine to a glass of it, the effect is very damaging.  Hence, don’t wait till your whole carpet appears old and ugly.

Your help in fighting against red wine stain is a clean cloth and a pinch of salt. Initially, scatter salt directly on the stained area where salt is capable of absorbing the liquid.  Let this work until you see the blot marks slowly getting out of the carpet.  Use a clean piece of cloth to start wiping off the mark. Do the same procedure a number of times changing the portion of the cloth to use the cleaner part. Optionally, you can use paper towels.  Lukewarm water poured on the red wine stain follows next. This is if you observe that stains still remain.  Repeatedly, remove the residual stain.  Additional option is to clean the stained part of the carpet by pouring white wine on it.

What if stains remain?

If, after doing the above, you still see the stain, then make use of other techniques on how to fix the problem.  First, you need to make a treatment trial on the hidden parts of the carpet.  A test will ensure you are not putting negative impact on your floor covering.  You can use some glycerine for the damped down stain then scrub with your finger. Allow this to act for about thirty minutes.  Afterwards, you can rinse it with clean, warm water and dry with clean cloth.  Another method is to use hydrogen peroxide.  You can mix a stain shampoo remover with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.  Scrub the stain using a sponge.

Another alternative is to mix baking soda with vinegar.  Baking soda is one of the most popular agents for getting rid of stains.  This will perform an excellent job treatment for your carpet.  Pour the combination straight to the stain allowing it to dry.  Next, take out the mixture with a clean cloth.  Similarly, you can use laundry soap if you don’t want baking soda.  After few minutes, the carpet becomes cleared of red wine stain.  In case you continue to notice some marks, buy a carpet-stain remover.  Follow the instructions indicated on the product label.

Performing the above tips prepares your way to a successful carpet cleaning.  But if you are too busy to do the task, you can get the services of a carpet cleaning specialist.  From an expert’s job, you can save much time and efforts on cleaning your covering.  Professionals can restore your carpet’s original look fast and easily.  Take advantage of the modern technology in searching for the right carpet cleaning solution online.